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Welcome to the home of the Knights of Fandom, an order of cyber-knights who desire peace, equality, and a good laugh. Take a look around and see if you wish to join our number. All are welcome!
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I used to maintain the roster as a page, but it has quite simply gotten too large and it’s too difficult to edit using the page editor. So now it will be here, in this entry, where it should be more manageable for me.

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I have not been intentionally silent for three months. In shortest form, this has been a horrible winter and it’s taken a really nasty toll on me physically and emotionally. I’m so glad to finally see the sun again.

Welcome to all the newcomers! I have to get the roster updated, but if what I’m seeing in my inbox is accurate, we’re very very close to 300 members. 300! THIS IS SPARTA! Only nicer.

My chief reason for signing in tonight, apart from updates in general, is to ask my loyal Knights to please go and lend some support to Tumblr user the-masaomi-kida, who was recently attacked by some hateful anons. The noble thedragonsroost tried to alert me to her predicament last night, but I was unwell and couldn’t respond. Please invade her inbox and let her know that she’s not alone here.

Keep up the great work, everyone! It means so much to know that even when I can’t be here acting as a proper leader, there are so many of you out there doing your best to combat bullying in all sorts of forms. Remember, you are champions of the internet!

~Your Knight-Commander

Tumblr’s interface gave me a little grief about updating the roster.  But rest assured, I have finally triumphed and our number now stands at 261 members, including my own real-life baby sister (I’m so proud).  That is an absolutely marvelous number and it just goes to show how much we’re continuing to grow and expand our influence.  Welcome to all of our new members - if you haven’t already, please take some time to look over this blog, review our pledge and FAQ and TV Tropes page, and get to know us and what we do.

I hope that no matter what happens, no matter how hard things sometimes get and how overwhelming the internet (not to mention real life) can be, each of you will always remember that you have a home here among your fellow Knights.  You are an important and valuable member of this online force of good.  Just by being here, just by refusing to contribute to negativity on the internet, you have made a difference for someone.  I am sincerely glad to have each and every one of you here.  The Knighthood’s ask box is always open, and you are welcome to use it whenever you need encouragement.

You are, you continue to be, my reason to be brave.

One more thing - if any of you are planning to attend this year’s Zenkaikon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, please let me know.  I will be there, and I would love to organize a meetup.

Keep fighting the good fight.  Be strong.  I am proud of each one of you.  Yes, even you.

~Your Knight-Commander

Happy December, my Knights, and a hearty welcome to all of the new members!  I will be updating the roster shortly.

In the meantime, however, we have received a request for help and I sorely hope someone out there is able to provide it.  This morning I received a message about a Tumblr user who has disappeared, and the sender is concerned that they may have harmed themselves or worse.

If anyone has any information about the user zerobuttplease let me know and I will pass it on to their concerned friend.  

EDIT:  zerobutt is okay.  Thanks, guys. :)

The holiday season can be a difficult time for many, so I hope that you will all do your best to bring a little extra joy to others.  I know you bring plenty of joy to me!  Our efforts here give so many a reason to be brave.  And if you yourselves are having trouble this holiday season, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  I know that sometimes, asking for help is the hardest thing in the world - but you can always come to the Knighthood for strength when your own isn’t quite there.

Keep up the good work, everyone.  I’m very proud of what you have accomplished in our year on Tumblr!

~Your Knight-Commander

Just finished updating the roster, and wow! 247 Knights?! That’s awesome! You’re awesome!

I made a few edits to names, mainly to the ones I know for a fact changed. I also removed a few that don’t work anymore. If your url has changed and is no longer accurately listed (or no longer listed at all) on the roster, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can fix it.

Welcome to the newly knighted, and thank you all! Have yourselves a wonderful day!

~Your Knight-Commander

One year ago today, this account was established - mostly as a joke, but with a real interest in reducing anonymous bullying online. Now we boast close to 250 members (the latest of whom still need to be added to the roster - welcome!) and I daresay we’ve made a bit of a difference along the way.

Happy communal birthday, Knights! Have a glorious day - and thank you for all you do!

~Your Knight-Commander

Hello, my Knights!

I apologize to those of you who joined as much as a month ago and only just now had your names added to the official roster. During the month of September I house-sat for my parents, moved into a new place, and was visited by my out-of-state godchildren. I still don’t have internet at the new apartment, so I came to the bookstore to accomplish a few things, including updating this group.

And there has been quite a lot of activity in my absence! Our membership now includes more than 230 Knights who are committed to stopping bullies, proclaiming fandoms, and generally being awesome. I am so proud.

For the newer among you, please feel free to browse this Tumblr - review the FAQ, check out older posts, and get a feel for what goes on in these parts. Longer-serving gentry, I beg of you to keep me updated when you change your names, because Tumblr does not forward the links and it’s worrisome when I click on your names on the roster and get told that the page doesn’t exist. 

As always, you are very welcome to send me messages when you know of specific matters that need attention, and I will get the word out to the rest of the Knighthood as soon as I’m able. In my absence, feel free to contact my goddaughter/heir apparent, thequeenbeegeek. Hopefully I will have internet established at my new residence by the end of the month and then I can resume my regularly scheduled Tumblr addiction.

Do be good to yourselves as well as to one another. You deserve it.  :)

~Your Knight-Commander

Well, sort of.  Humorously, the consensus was reached over on my personal blog that my birthday should be a ‘national’ holiday for the realm of Fandom. My birthday is next Friday, September 6th.

Completely unrelated to the occasion, I will be out of town.

It would bring me a considerable measure of joy to think that in honor of my date of origin, the Knights of Fandom would dedicate at least a portion of September 6th to doing something nice for themselves. You all do so many great and courageous things for other people throughout the year; I would really like it if on my birthday, you did something good for yourself. Have an ice cream cone. Play your favorite music or game. Call someone you haven’t seen in a while. In some way, large or small, celebrate the day.

And thank you for being part of my little flight of fancy and turning it into something amazing. <3

~Your Knight-Commander


Welcome to the newest among you! I finally had some time to breathe this evening, so I decided to get our roster caught up. 208 Knights in shining cyber-armor!

If you’re new here, be sure to check out the FAQ and also our page on TV Tropes.

Plans are currently in motion for a Knightly meetup at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on Saturday, September 28th. Please let me know if you’re willing and able to join us, so I can figure out where the best meeting location would be on the faire grounds.

I hope the summer (or winter as the case may be) has been pleasant for all of you!

~Your Knight-Commander

Hey momma, tumblr user "sedativeslut" has been getting some nasty anon's on tumblr and bullying in her real life. She's a friend of a friend and could really use a few knights in shining armor. Her blog is NSFW friendly so maybe a warning on that?
knightsoffandom knightsoffandom Said:

All right, my Knights, you heard thequeenbeegeek.  Let’s extend some mercy to this individual who needs to know she’s not alone.  Like QBG says, the blog is NSFW, but here’s a link to her ask.

Those of you who have just joined in the last few days, I apologize - I am insanely busy right now. Your intrepid Knight-Commander is in the process of moving and also working close to full time, two things which do not mix well at all.  I’m planning to update the roster sometime this coming weekend, and in the meantime, welcome.